Social Work Training

Social work training and education at Families Forward

Families Forward is an independent voluntary agency conducting statutory work in the field of private law contact.

We feel that we offer high quality first and final social work placements whereby students have the opportunity to work directly with families, attaining essential transferable skills, with the aim of working towards meeting the PCF framework.  We have PQ1 and PQ2 assessors on site who provide a supportive working environment alongside regular professional supervision.

If you would like further information, please get in touch with Anne Benn, Manager.




  • The majority of people who have attended are happy they came and say that they felt it was helpful. Here are some quotes from people who have previously attended the course:

    I thought it would be about teaching me how to be a parent, but it wasn’t and I found it very useful

    I found the atmosphere at Families Forward warm and welcoming. All the staff worked sensitively and helped contact move on to where me and my ex partner have put our differences aside and we know make our own arrangements for contact. I recommend Families Forward to any parent who finds it difficult to see their children no matter how hard it may seem.

    The programme was friendly and made you at ease, they listened to what you had to say and didn’t judge.

    It had a lot of helpful information, presented in an easy to understand and clear way

    It focused on the child and how they felt through the separation. It made me think harder about their thoughts and feelings.